Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 32

Olá Família!  

So, this is going to be a quick email, hopefully packed full of good information. 

The first super exciting news that I have is that I received my package that Alicia sent! Yeah!! I have new clothes and I can officially start sending pictures from my camera! Thank you thank you thank you! The package was pure joy in a heavy box! 

Second news... RIOTS. Brazil is going crazy and from what it sounds like to me Brazillians all over the world are going a little crazy. I dont know all the information, but this is what I know is going on. There are riots... big ones happening all over the place in Brazil. Here in the capital is definitely no exception. It started with the people being mad about prices for transportation going up and the government spending billions on new stadiums for the world cup when their hospitals are lacking in a lot of things that they need. Right now their is a spotlight on Brazil because of all the soccer games they are playing to see who will be playing in the world cup next year. So the people are revolting, doing demonstrations and such. Everywhere we go the talk is either about the soccer games or the riots. Sister Victorio had to travel to the mission office this week and we got stuck at the bus stop for a while because of the people and the buses were having trouble coming a going. Luckily we got a member of our ward to pick us up for the trip back to Ceilândia. 

We have two investigators with baptism dates marked for this week. Mira and Amelia... So everyone pray that all goes well with them both. I bought Cervada which is fake coffee for Amelia, so I am hoping that will help her not drink coffee. We shall see. 

Funny story. Actually, just a funny fact. Cocaine is legal in Bolivia... I guess. Sister Victorio was offended when one of the recent converts we were talking to told her that it is a drug. She said that it cant be a drug because it is a plant, I told her that marijuana is also a plant and a drug. She still doesnt think Cocaine is a drug, but I thought it was funny. 

Things here are going well. We are working hard, we have a ton a people that we are trying to keep track of still, but things are going great. Last night there was a broadcast from the Marriott Center of all the new mission presidents being called. We got to watch and it was awesome. I highly recommend the talks for... everyone! I love you all and I hope that you all are happy and healthy! 

Sister Hoopes

Ps The ´pictures... 1. is at the mission office. 2. Is one of me and a recent convert ariane in my new clothes! ... yeah! 3. Sister Victorio and I... half an hour ago. =) 

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