Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Week 4

Hello everyone! 

This week has been mostly uneventful for me in terms of weird things happening to me. No cockroaches dogs or vomit. So that is kind of boring. One of the elders did get robbed on Pday last week. And by robbed I mean seriously robbed at gunpoint. So mostly we are not taking much out of the CTM money wise and being extra cautious. I realized this week that my group letters aren't very spiritual like the letters that I always read on mission blogs, so I am sorry for that. But, I have had lots of spiritual experiences and things here. I will share all of them upon my return! This week I met Susan B. Tanner at the temple. She used to be in the primary generaly presidency. Now her and her husband are in charge of the Sao Paulo Sul mission whhich is super cool. She is basically a celebrity, right? Also, there is a youtube video, I think it is called : The Atonement: How it Applies to Missionary Work. by Elder Holland. That can be my spiritual thought if you all can find it. This week was the inauguration of the Christmas lights and nativity at the CTM. It was a big event for all the missionaries. It is pretty cool. They definitely got pretty festive here! Finally, my last bit of news before I have to peace out... I got my second new companion this week. I don't know if I said I hope she is not weird in my email. But, I definitely thought it. Guess what? She is totally weird. I can only imagine what she thinks of me. The combination of my two mission companions currently is probably my biggest trial right now which is weird because I don't know very much Portuguese yet. I am trying really really hard to love them, but one of them talks about how awesome provo mtc is allllllll the time. Literally every conversation has led to that this past week. It makes me crazy. And my other companion talks and talks and talks.... and if i say something that bothers her she gets quiet until I apologize. It is really quite frustrating. I need better people skills clearly. Well I love you all and I will update you more next week!


Sis. Hoopes

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