Thursday, December 20, 2012

Week 6

Bom Dia!

So the world is supposed to be ending in a couple days? Yes? The end of the Atzec calender or whatever? ... Well if we are all going to die, I am glad that it's happening to me here. I hope you all are having great end of the world parties. Also, I hope great Christmas parties after! we have some lights and a nativity up here, but the warm weather makes it not seem very much like Christmas here. Which is a good thing in many ways I think. I am not as homesick as I think I could be if there was snow on the ground. So with Christmastime here at the CTM comes excessively choir time as well. I don't know if I mentioned getting roped intio singing in a special musical number last week... but it happened. And if any of you know me well at all you know I can't sing... so that's awkward. Well, Sister Steadman the choir director signed all the north american sisters up for two special musical numbers for Christmas. I love Christmas music and I love singing it to myself in my room... but special musical numbers are very uncomfortable for me! But, alas all is well. So today about 80 missionaries left the CTM which is a huge number, especially because we aren't receiving more than just a couple Brazillians until after the holidays. So it is very empty here compared to how it is normally and especially to how it will be in a couple months. Now that that huge group left, I am amongst the group of sisters that have been here the longest. That is really weird to think. Only a couple more weeks and it's off to Brasilia for me. For Christmas I got myself a leather scripture case which is really cool. I like it a lot. I will take a picture of it and send it once I am out of the CTM.

So funny ish story of the week. One of my instructors rearranged our classroom this week and now my desk is squished between Elder Saravia and my companion Sister Timiario. Basically if there is a fire I am the last one getting out unless I decide to jump the desk. Well, we were all studying when sister Timario exclaimed... "Look, a green spider!" I turned toward her and the said green spider was dangling from a web right between us. I quickly yet calmly slid back into elder saravia's area. Sister Timario then hit the net of the spider in my direction... I don't think this was a premeditated thought... and the spider was flung in my direction. I immediatedly jumped completely into elder saravia's space and before I could even filter myself I exclaimed... "What the heck?! Why would you do that?!" Everyone else thought that was pretty funny. But, I got the last laugh. Sis. T. handed me her dictionary to kill the spider (she is against the slaughter of spiders- I don't understand it) and I smashed it and got green spider guts all over her book. Payback? I think yes.

Aside from just trying to learn Portuguese and how to teach the gospel and eating and sleeping not much is going on here. There have been lots of fireworks the past couple days especially on Sunday so I assume one of the Brazillian soccer teams beat an opponet. I guess the fans here are literally crazy. I love you all and keep sending letters because I really love them, Merry Christmas,


                                         Tchau, Eu te amo,

                                                          Sister Hoopes

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