Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 12

Isaiah 41:10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea I will help thee; yeah I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteosness

So hello everyone! All is well with me this week. Mission work this week has been a little hit and miss though. Right now we have 8 progressing investigators and not one of them made it to church this week=( But all is well. I think you guys probably want to hear a little more about these people I have been teaching so I will give a little summary of all of them:

Luciana e Erisvaldo. This is a couple. They have 3 kids and one is 8 and the rest are younger. They are both awesome and ready to be baptized along with their son. Right now they are working on getting married officially so they can be baptized. Luciana mom is coming this month for this, so we should have 3 baptisms as soon as this is all complete.

Adimar and Joesel. These are two fellows that are friends. Adimar is an older man who is a little older and super intelligent. He has received all the lessons and believes the BOM is true and is the word of God, but he still hasn received an answer about baptism. He has been baptized before and believes it is an abomination to be baptized again. We have a date set for the 16th for him to be baptized. I think he will be ready, but I am not sure. Fingers crossed. Joesel is his friend that he invited to listen in on the lessons. Joesel has a really cute family we met the other day. His wife is super Evangelic, however his only impediment with receiving the gospel is understanding priesthood authority. Kind of linked to the problem of Adimar. These men are both super smart and love to read the BOM so I am optimistic about them both.

Genult- Genult is a man who we found looking for a reference. We wound up finding out his mom is a member of the church who has been afastado for 20 years! She is coming back to church every Sunday now which is awesome. Genult has a problem with drinking, a serious one. All last week we found him all over the place sitting with friends bebido or drunk. Rough, but we shall see.

Francisco. Francisco has received all the lessons and has a baptism date for the 16th as well. Hopefully this will work out, but we shall see. He has been having problems with finding a place to live. As of now we have been teaching him at the house of one of his friends sometimes, but mostly in the street in front of a shop.

Marie Eduarda is a 13 year old girl we found this week. She has been to church 2 times before with other missionaries, but we cant find a record for her. She lives with her 17 year old sister. Its a rough situation. Her mom and her sister both just had babies and their house is really really lacking in many ways. And they have rats. Rats which freak me out a little.

Okay this is the update of the main people we have so far. Now for an update of the events of this week passed:

1. Last pday we went and visited a Mayan Exhibit which was pretty cool. I think I will be able to forward some pictures from my companion today so we shall see. We went with Raquel a member of the ward here. Raquel is awesome she has taught with us a lot. She just got her mission call this week and is going to Rio! Really really awesome.

2. I learned the importance of bringing an umbrella always. Sis. V and I both forgot ours earlier this week. It was sunny and all was good. We were pretty far from our house and were walking to an appointment when it started to rain. and rain. and rain. We ended up having to turn back to get new clothes because we were soaked. We walked about two miles in some intense rain. I am sure it was a spectacle for the cars passing by and the people sitting in their houses! Needless to say. I will strive not to forget the umbrella again!

3. Our shower had issues this passed week. The hot water wire caught on fire while I was taking a shower. Freaky! So my companion has been heating up water and towell bathing this week and I have been using agua fria. Luckily yesterday Irm Thales a man in the ward fixed it for us, so this morning I had a nice warm shower to start off the week good!

4. Culture gap. We went to eat lunch out this week. This is cool I like doing this... the weird part is that my companion always sits next to people who are already sitting at a table. I am not sure if that is normal in brazil or just normal in bolivia. But, it is definitely not normal in the US! ha ha.

5. I made cookies for the first time in the mission this week. My companion really loves cookies and has never made them before. That is strange right? Everyone makes cookies. Even me the girl who can cook!

6. Final news of the week, a sister in the ward gave us some clothes! That was really exciting to get new clothes. Mission clothes get old fast. I have learned that pretty quick here!

Anyway this is all for now. I hope that you all are doing great. Write me, too. I just got letters from Chelsey and Mary this week that made me extremely happy. I took a picture. That is how happy I was/am!

Love you all,
Sister Hoopes

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