Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 13

Family and Friends! Hello!
Another week has passed quite quickly for me here in Guará II. Right now in Brazil Carnaval is in full swing. I am not exactly sure of everything that goes on during Carnaval, I just know there is a lot of music, dancing and drinking. For us missionaries that means fewer hours of work at night. We have spent most of the extra time we have gotten this week cleaning and studying. Both activities were definitely needed, but I kind of feel like one of those people who actually stay home and clean during Spring Break! Ha ha, but all is well. Despite the few short days we have had, we have put in some solid hours of missionary work. Sister Victorio and I decided that this week would be the best week of the transference and I think we achieved that for sure. We met some really great people and worked like crazy. Here are a few highlights of the week:

1. Last Zone conference of the transfer and a training meeting with President Gaertner. Both of these were awesome and I think we all learned a lot that got to participate. The meeting with the president was really good. All of us that arrived in January were there and it was good to see everyone and the progress that we have all made in the language and such. I enjoyed it quite a bit!

2. Meeting People Prepared for our Message. This week we met three sets of people that are awesome and I am really excited for. Plinio is a man who actually came to the church last Sunday to get a BOM and we met with him on Tuesday and he was already in 2 Nefi! That was thrilling. Rossy and Evandro are a couple we met this week. Both of their kids are members and are awesome. I think that they are ready for the gospel right now for sure. We have had two pretty solid lessons with them and they are planning on all coming to church as a family next week! Finally, Christine and Irene. An older mother and daughter we met a week or two ago knocking doors. As it turns out Irene received a BOM 15 years ago and the missionaries never came back to talk to her after! Crazy anyway the lesson was great, we had left a Restauration pamphlet and Christine practically taught us the lesson. AWESOME.

3. Meeting People I Will Probably Never Forget. Sandra. This woman invited us to come talk to her when we were walking down the street. We did and she is super eccentric and has several different religions. She said that right now she is in the process of becoming Buddhist. And she talked a lot! But, one thing I thought was funny was that she believes that 1. Jesus Christ was black because they didnt have sunscreen. 2. Jesus was a feminist because he defended the women. I think it was just funny mainly because of how passionate she was about these two theories she is pretty certain on. Funny. She was great though. She read the intro to the BOM and is going to read and pray about the BOM.

4. Being in the right place at the right time. We worked a little late one day this week. We were aways from our house and teaching a lesson. We left at 9 pm. Absolute latest we are to return to our house is 930. We knew we wouldnt make it walking so we went to a bus stop and this woman said the next bus wouldnt stop there for an hour. So we started hustling home on foot. Luckily a few blocks down the road an bus came up behind us and we waved it down. We got on a got a lot closer to our house but the bus didnt go all the way. It started to turn a different way to end its route. We ended up getting off the bus in the middle of the road and running literally running home in the dark for about a mile. It was crazy. Funny now but crazy. We were 2 minutes late. But it was definitely a valiant effort if you ask me.

All in all things here are good. I am happy. My companion is awesome and works so hard to help me which is a huge blessing. I am loving the people here in Guará II more and more each day which is also awesome.

Until next week,
Sister Hoopes

PS If you all dont here from me next week then you will know that I have transferred areas. This is unlikely, but deifinitely possible... so no one worry!

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