Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 14

Hello! Good Morning. Good Morning. Good Afternoon. or Goodnight.

I dont really have much to report on this week. We did however receive the news of the transferences and Sister Victiorio and I will be staying put in GuarĂ¡ II. I am glad because we still have more work to do and I think that we both are finally comfortable finding houses and such without staring at a map for 10 minutes and we are getting to know the ward members pretty good here. Of the 6 in our zone only one... Elder Amon got transferred this morning. Its a good thing that I like my district! I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day last week, so happy belated Valentines to you all. I wore pink just in case it would be a big thing here, but it wasnt. Adila the wife to the bishop here said that there Valentines is in June, so perhaps I will whip out the pink shirt again for that occasion. On Wednesday Sister Victorio and I rode an assortment of omnibuses to Lago Norte to meet with President Gaertner so Sis. V could renew her temple recommend. It was good, none of the assistants were in the office because it was there pday, so I separated the mail for the assistants while she had her interview. I am sure they will appreciated that I aphabatized the stack. Yesterday we had a time change. This caused quite a bit of confusion for us because Sis. V never had a time change before in Bolivia and I was pretty sure that this time of year we ´´spring forward´´ and lose an hour. However, apparently they do things backwards here and we gained an hour. So yesterday I enjoyed one extra hour of sleep and I definitely wont complain about that! Tomorrow is Sister V´s birthday so I will try to come up with something clever to make her day excellent, but as of now the ideas have not come. So with any luck I will have a worthwhile story to share next week concerning this milestone for my companion! Sorry this update is short. But life is good, the mission is good, Portuguese is borderline... but is improving for sure, missionary work is good- hopefully we will be having some baptisms here soon, and the weather is definitely warming up! I love you all, and I hope that you all have written me letters and sent them and that I will receive them all tomorrow in our district meeting.


Com Amor,

Sister Hoopes

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