Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 23

Hallo Família! 
This week has been a rough one, but life is still going good and we had some good things happen, too. The start of our week was incredibly... awful. We were exhausted because we didnt rest at all on pday and we ran into a couple not so awesome people here. The first awful man we met is the dad of a girl that really wants to be baptized. Her cousins are active members of our ward and they live next door to each other. This girl comes to church activities when she can and is awesome. Her dad is the only thing stopping her from being baptized so she asked us to try to talk to him. We found him at his house and he talked and talked and talked. He told us how we were servants of the devil and that we are welcome in his house as long as we dont teach anything about the Book of Mormon. He is probably one of the most rude and stubborn people I have ever met in my life. We did not accomplish much talking with him and left a little disanimated. Our next appointment we went to was of Amelia a 72 year old woman who loves the church and her 45 ish year old son, Carlos, who uses a wheelchair. We talked to them a bit and they really opened up and they told us how one of her other sons who lives with them says all kinds of awful things to the two of them and treats them not so good. It was a really sad talking to them, we all cried, but in the end we left a little happier. It was a LONG day for sure. 

The next day we met the second not so awesome person... a drunk man at about 3 pm. We were sitting in a park cutting out little notes to leave at peoples houses. This man came up to us and started yelling at us and telling us that we were like Hitler (he thought we were from Germany) and started yelling about those Mormons and a bunch of other terrible things. We got up and left, but he did cause a bit of a scene for sure. 

The week did progressively improve though. We met a lot of new people to teach. We ate a lot of churrasco (bbq) on the road and we bought earrings for a $1. The other sisters had a baptism on Sunday that went well too. Sister Coombs and I have a man that sells fruit that likes to give us fruit for free when we pass by his shop. That is quite an enjoyable thing. 

One stupid thing of the week that we did... After one of our long days we decided that we needed some fresh air and that we wanted to star gaze. So we decided to climb the roof of our house. We locked the other sisters inside and we climbed our way up... it was harder than we thought. And once we got up we realized that it wasnt that fun and we found out getting down was a lot scarier than coming up. We figured it out though and made it down. We decided not to do that again. ha ha. 

Anyway this is all for now, I love you all and I enjoy hearing from you guys. Thanks for keeping me updated on life back home. I hope all is well with you all. 

Love Sister Hoopes

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