Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 24

Hallo Folks! 

Another pday has come finally! This week has been incredibly long, but good. I am going to keep this email real short, but I do have a few highlights. 1. Last pday we went to the taikwando (sorry I have no idea how to spell that) of some kids in our ward. Everyone in the family are blackbelts. Crazy. The youngest is an 8 year old girl. I think I might look into being a blackbelt when I get back home. 2. This week Sister Coombs hit her 11 month mark. We celebrated by eating this delicious banana bread stuff and making a fort out of our living room to sleep in. 3. The weather here is starting to change. We havent had very much rain this week and the mornings are kind of cold. But the sun is definitely still shining. 4. I gave my first sacrament talk outside of the CTM yesterday. It went well and people actually understood me. Hallelujah! 5. Final news of the week... We had transfers today. Sister Coombs and I are both staying here together in Ceilândia! Yes. Best news. This means, family, you will meet Sister Coombs via skype here in a couple weeks! One of our Brazillians- Sister Damaceno got transferred and Sister Victorio arrived in our house to be companions with Sister Melo. 

No super thrilling news this week. But I am here. I am alive. I am sharing the gospel with people and I am staying pretty happy. Life is good. Love you all and I hope you all are well! 

Love Sister Hoopes

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