Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week 1

Oi Folks! This computer is ticking the time away though so I will try to write as fast as possible. I made it to BRAZIl. The trip was pretty... LONG. Like longest trip of my life. I got to the airport in Boise early with dad and another missionary Kyle Smith was being dropped off by his family as well. We both traveled all the way to Brazil together along with a set of twins from Kuna (Elder Tippetts squared). The trip to Salt Lake was fast but the rest of the trip was soooooooo long. we had two long layover and we didn't catch up with any other Brazil missionaries until we got to Atlanta. There were a ton of us. 26 I think. Luckily the whole trip I got to sit in the aisle and I was always in the seat next to one of the Elder Tippetts. All the other missionaries on the other flights were super spread out. So, my plans to ensure that traveling would be fast and easy didn't really workout... like at all. I decided not to sleep Monday night so I would sleep on the plan. That did not happen and by the time we got to the CTM I was exhausted, but it was 8 am and they said we couldnt go to bed early. So we had to go to classes (mostly in Portuguese) all day long. 10 pm. That is when i got to bed. BEST sleep I have ever had. I am not fluent in Portuguese. However I can understand what my teacher says in class. That is probably because he talks really slow and uses hand gestures and has an expressive face. My companion sister Timario is pretty good with the language though. She took 7 years of spanish- so she might have a step up from me. I have two teachers here Irma Monique and Irmao Ricardo. They are both really good teachers and really funny. My life thus far is pretty much eat. class. eat. class. eat. devotional/fireside. sleep. Today was the first day I have gotten to leave the CTM, it was awesome we went to the temple. Also, the flight attendants did notify us that Obama won. Oh my goodness, I really can only imagine what facebook looked like. I have about 5 friends who openly admitted to liking Obama and the rest were pro Romney or just not talking about it. Okay So I am down to very little time so I have to end this. I will write the letter in advance next week so it doesn't sound so random like I am sure this one did. Love you all!


Love, Sister Hoopes

PS please write me real mail! No one in our district has received anything. I think it would make my life. Really. Also, snail mail takes like 1-3 weeks to arrive. Thats just what I hear. Oh and if you are sending packages send them to my mission home... and they will get it to me. if you send it to the CTM they will probably just return it. =)

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