Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 3


Hi all, I am alive and definitely well! I am not sick anymore which is really awesome. I am really glad to be not coughing anymore! My days here at the CTM are starting to blur. This past week for Thanksgiving the cafeteria staff did a good job of decorating and trying to cook american food for the holiday. No rice and beans! There were rolls. However they were like bricks. The morning of Thanksgiving most of the American missionaries sat at the federal police to get their visas okayed. I was there for over 4 hours. It was really forever.

Okay- Quickly a couple funny stories: Last week after I emailed Sis. Timario and I went and walked around Sao Paulo and we walked down this sketch street (All streets are sketch to me here) Any way we are walking and then a dog sitting on the other side of the street started growling and it started edging toward me. Sis. Timario evidentally didn't notice. I started to back down the street and I had to yell to her to come back because the dog was coming at me growling. We ended up not walking up that street and just returned the way we came.

Second funny story- I got in the shower yesterday... As I was closing the doors a huge cockroach fell on me. I freaked. It skuttled really quickly all over the bathroom. I screamed and sister Timario thought I fell and got hurt. But, I wound up running out of the bathroom in my towel and shutting the door until the Brazillians got back to kill it for us. It was really huge. And disgusting.

Our Brazillian roommates Sister Lima and Sister Medrado left today. They were both super cool. Tomorrow we are getting a sister from the Provo MTC and we will become a trio which should be cool unless she is super weird. The CTM is really backed up on receiving missionaries from the US I think Provo has like 70 ish missionaries that should be here but don't have visas because of the storm on the east coast and because the LA consulate is or was closed. So we should be getting a ton of missionaries all of the sudden when things start opening back up.

Also, There is no more hostess? What? ha ha

Love you all,

Sister Hoopes

PS write me por favor!

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