Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 16

Hello Family!

Today is good. This week has been awesome. And missionary work is progressing here in Guará II! The sun is shining the weather is perfect and all is well. My extreme happiness began last pday when I got a package from home. I dont know how to describe the joy of receiving a package. I mean I enjoyed mail and getting packages in the mail before the mission, but getting a package these days is inexpressable joy. I think I finally understand how Katniss felt during the hunger games when she got a backpack full of stuff. Anyway this week I have some new clothes, dark chocolate caramels, mail and a few other much desired items. I will try to send a picture so you all can really experience the joy I have right now!

Anyway news here in Brazil. It did rain a lot a few days last week and I took a picture with one of the rivers aka roads that we got to walk on so I will try to attach that as well. We have been super super busy this week. We have 4 people that we are preparing for baptism and somehow it feels like all of our investigators live at all the different edges of our area so we walk A LOT. But, its all good. The people here are great. Yesterday, we had some really spiritual lessons with our investigators. I also got to take the lead teaching an investigator for the first time yesterday. We had read the tree of life vision with this family last week and we labeled a picture of the all the different parts of the vision. Their homework was to find the interpretations of the dream and we talked about the interpretations yesterday. It was really awesome. At the end I asked them where they think they are in the dream and they all said at the rod. I asked them where the rod leads and they said the tree of life and the gospel. It was awesome and spiritual. One funny part is that Victor an 11 year old in the family is convinced the that fruit in the vision are bananas because bananas are white when you peel them.... ha ha ha.

So life is good. I got letters this last week too. Most of them were from December that got forwarded to me from the CTM. I was pretty thrilled so you all keep up the letter writing... but send them to the mission home! Love you all! Have a wonderful week.

Love, Sister Hoopes

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