Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 18


Things here are going great. Last week was definitely a whirlwind of events though. Last Pday we spent most of the day outside of our house while some fellows came and fixed our walls. It stormed a lot. We lost power for most of the day which was not a big deal really until we returned home at the end of the night. We sat and did our daily planning with candles. It was pretty special. ha ha. Luckily the power returned by the time I got up the next day.

Tuesday we had our district meeting in Asa Sul as per usual. Luckily our bus didnt break and we made it there on time. However, of the 4 districts that meet together in Asa Sul only our district made it due to sickness in the other districts. But, it was a solid meeting. The next day we had our first mission conference- which actually meant our zone the zone of Brasília and the zone of Brasília Norte meeting in Asa Norte with president and sister Gaertner. It was good and I got to see some of my friends from the CTM that I havent seen in a while there which was quite thrilling. We did get more information about our next transfer. Which is next week. We will be receiving 8 sisters and 4 elders. Wow times are changing right. This is significant news for me because this means that for sure I will be getting a new companion and I will probably be staying here in Guará. 3 new areas will open for sisters in our mission as well which is exciting as well.

In terms of missionary work- we had a pretty successful week. We found a new family to teach that are super excited for the gospel. They have 2 sons and one is autistic. They heard about the church at the school of Samuel their autistic son via another family that has a kid in the same class. They are super nice and last night they sent us home with 2 cakes--- yes two whole cakes to eat. Ha ha.

My best news of the week is I had my first baptism! Bruna was baptized on Saturday and confirmed Sunday morning in Sacrament meeting. The whole event went really smoothly and it was aweeeeeeeeeesome. We had one investgator attend, Nilson which was great as well. One funny thing about the whole event was that Friday, the day before, sis. V and I went to fill the font in the morning. Unfortunately it was really dirty so we cleaned it. Cleaning with Sis. V is probably on my list of least favorite things to do... because she has some weird methods of cleaning. However, cleaning the font was funny because she insisted that we use dish soap even though there was other all purpose cleaner. I just went with it. The best part was that the font filled with all the water we used to clean with and then we couldnt get the soapy water to drain so we had to use buckets to empty it and refill it with new water.

Whelp folks this is all for this week. Things have been great, and the mission is going good. Next week is transferences and I am about 90 percent sure I will not be emailing. So stay tuned for all the new news of the mission when I get to email again!

Love you all,
Sister Hoopes

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