Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 17

Hi Family!

So this week has literally flown by for me! I have several random things to note... so be prepared for a very scattered email- Yet again. =) So first interesting news- I am pretty sure I informed everyone of my companion´s love for condiments like mayo and ketchup... well we found at the store a combinations of mayo ketchup and mustard. We bought it and she is quite content with the product. Actually, this week Sister Victorio has a lot of stuff to be happy about. On Saturday her parents and one of her brothers were baptized. She has been waiting a long time for them to be baptized, so this was wonderful news. I am not sure if they were baptized in a river like she was because they didnt send pictures... but when they do I will see if she can forward them to me so I can show you all.

This week also marked month 4 on the mission and month 9 for Sister Victorio. We are getting old. Ha ha. we celebrated this event by eating cookies and brownies because those are the only two treats I know how to make without a reciepe. It has been pretty warm here... however today it is storming again- so it´s raining quite intensely.

Okay, so for some interesting stories. Tuesdays we ride a bus to Asa Sul in Brasília to have a district meeting. This past Tuesday we got on the first bus we saw headed that direction. By sheer coincidence one recent convert that we have been visiting Sthefanie and one woman that we met a few weeks ago were both on the same bus. We talked to them both for a moment and set times to meet with them, but, I guess we were supposed to talk with them longer than a moment because in the middle of the freeway close to basically no where, our bus broke down. So we all got out and waited for another bus to come along and pick us up. It was all good though. We definitely showed up late to our meeting, but it all worked out quite well.

Random funny story. The other night I woke up to Sister Victorio laughing. Hysterically. She was definitely asleep and she laughed for at least 5 minutes. I didnt know what to do. So I just laid there and waited for her to stop. I asked her the next day what she was dreaming about and she said she was teaching the Restauration to an investigator. Hmmm. The whole situation was funny to me.

So in other news our mission is receiving 8 new sisters in 2 weeks. Crazy. Right now we have 19 so we are definitely growing in numbers. This week we have a baptism planned for an investigar Bruna so hopefully next week I will have pictures of my first official fruit of the mission!!
Love you all and stay in touch,

Sister Hoopes

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